HRC composes of 7 Subcommittees

European Level: Making survey among European Level bodies and through analyzing the answers know better the needs of EU level and create materials to improve their HR methods

HR Cycle: Contacting HR Responsibles, making surveys among them about the HR in each antenna, ensuring cycling of HR materials

Analysts: Preparing the survey about needs in AEGEE, what people are looking for in AEGEE in order to improve the offer of the organisation

Materials: Working on creation and compilation of materials about HR.

On-line Trainings: Working on developing an on-line trainings program, where members of different locals in real time will be able to gain knowledge about different topics from trainers in the field

HR Conference: Working on the preparation of HR Conference that will gather together HR workers from different students’ NGOs and allow them to share best practices from their association

HRES: The Speaker Team of HRC has been elected for 2 out of 3 Project Managers of the next Human Resources European School. The Committee is working on supporting in content and organisational matters the event


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